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To make the upgrade of zhejiang economy contribution wisdom

To make the upgrade of zhejiang economy contribution wisdom

2018/12/29 10:32

July 24 to 25, the provincial key enterprise institute construction will take place in xinchang. Deputy ministry stressed that must work diligently, perfect the mechanism, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, execute three-level linkage, in the spirit of reform to continue pushing forward the construction of the provincial key enterprise institute contributing to build zhejiang economic upgrade wisdom and innovation strength.

The provincial government, vice chair. Province hall, committee, economic committee, yukon, preserve goods hall, hall, hall bureau leadership and municipal deputy and technology bureau, in charge of the committee, by letter, provincial key enterprise institutions at the county and city leaders, provincial key enterprise institute, etc. Shaoxing municipal committee and executive vice mayor yue-liang Chen, my county led floor building, horse, li Ming, fuckman, Wu Yu, Wang Zhong respectively accompanied by investigation and attend the meeting.

Smart textile printing beam equipment industry is a feature of our county guide block industry. On the whole industry chain, the county has textile equipment research institute, Kang Li textile machinery automation research institute and so on four provincial key enterprise institute. Can inspect the link, the provinces and the participants came to textile equipment research institute, institute of scientific research field equipment introduced equipment, technical personnel, the protection of intellectual property rights, and so on and so forth. Chairman of the board of directors of the company to visit.

Textile equipment research institute was established on the basis of the original center, the institute researchers reached 173 people. Institute for research and development condition has more perfect, based on the enterprise product data management system, can under the environment of computer 3 d dynamic model of the assembly test, in addition, the construction of the experiment center, equipped with all necessary testing equipment.

Research target for nearly five years of work, through the research in the responsibility of various technique of the agreement, achieve the single product line intelligent, and for the new spinning product lines to achieve intelligent from single machine to make the transition to intelligent section lays the foundation, to realize the whole process automation in 2017 "new spinning digital factory".

Institute in 2013 and 2014 were arranged for the research for eight major projects completed seven, and received 28 patents. Equipment research institute shows the precision winder, RS40 high-speed automatic rotor spinning machine and so on six models of five scientific research achievements, the deduced seamless underwear machine, the latest technology of unmanned factory. Seamless underwear machine unmanned factory management system development marks the day send to realize "digital factory" a key one. Province of equipment research institute of scientific and technological achievements to give the full affirmation.

Deputy long pointed out that catch enjoys innovation promoting development momentum, worthy of study across the province. In the construction of provincial key enterprise research institute, hsin chong is there are five main experience worth to summarize, namely the enterprise entrepreneurs hold institute construction in hand; Institutes around and stronger enterprises, strengthen industrial chain to research; Chosen of the institute, the leader, give play to the role of innovation team; Innovation organization and the way of cooperation, and promote the production, use; Party leaders actively bear, provincial, city and county levels linkage service.

Deputy long stressed that the provincial key enterprise institute is the core of the industrial technology innovation comprehensive pilot cutting body, is the enterprise as the main body and dominated by the enterprise technology innovation system construction of important force. After nearly two years of construction, the institute in promoting enterprise technology innovation ability enhancement and the transformation and upgrading, speed up the enterprise talent team to introduce, promote the development of specialization of high-tech zone, promote the government science and technology management system reform has achieved initial results. In the future, we will continue to accelerate construction of provincial key enterprise institute, insisting that enhance the vitality of enterprise technology innovation ability and on the important position, adhere to and stronger enterprises, strengthen industrial chain as the double pursuit of technological innovation system construction and system reform, adhere to the transformation government department management and speed up the reform of science and technology system as a whole.