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Contributing Wisdom and Innovative Power

Contributing Wisdom and Innovative Power

2018/12/29 10:38

July 24-25, the provincial key enterprise research institute construction site meeting was held in Xinchang. Vice-provinces emphasized that we should really work hard, improve the mechanism, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, implement three-level linkage, continue to promote the construction of provincial key enterprise research institutes in the spirit of reform, and contribute wisdom and innovative strength to build Zhejiang's economic upgrade edition. Vice-chairman of provincial government. The provincial departments of science and technology, development commission, economic commission, education department, finance department, people's insurance department and general bureau, Deputy municipal administrators and technical bureaus, Development Commission and credit leaders, county and city leaders of provincial key enterprises and research institutes, and leaders of provincial key enterprises and research institutes participated. Chen Yueyue, Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shaoxing Municipal Committee, was accompanied by the leaders of building construction, Ma, Liming, Jiang Ping, Wu Yu and Wang Zhong.