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Surface treatment of fabric before ink jet printing

Surface treatment of fabric before ink jet printing

2019/01/31 16:12

It is very important to treat the surface of fabric before printing. Inkjet printing only needs to dye the fibers on the surface of the fabric. The fabric structure determines the surface structure of the fabric, thus affecting the effect of inkjet printing. High density fabrics get lighter color than low density fabrics. Plasma treatment process: fabric atmospheric pressure plasma modification ink jet printing drying baking finished products. The plasma treatment has a certain timeliness, and can be combined with inkjet printing machine to achieve continuous production. For the purpose of fabric surface treatment, the acid, alkali and catalyst needed for dyeing fibers with dyes can not be added to the components of ink. There is also a certain requirement for the fineness of the pattern to prevent ink droplets from seeping on the fabric. On the one hand, it can reduce the discharge of wastewater and pollutants, on the other hand, it can improve the effect of ink-jet printing.